Our Most Epic Trip Yet! (Journey To Prince Rupert)

We’re Back! Actually, we arrived back in beautiful Vancouver back on August 26th (our anniversary) from all the way from Prince Rupert! Let’s start from all the way from the the beginning of our trip!

Day one: Andriah and Jayson headed off to Prince George from Vancouver at 11am. We packed snacks from the evening before, including dried fruits, jerky and Jayson’s traditional long distance travelling treat, Maynard Wine Gums. Andriah finished the first bag of Wine Gums, but Jayson thought it was actually quite cute. Andriah actually prefers the green and yellow wine gums the most, which are actually the least favourite of Jayson. This means that Jayson does not have to eat the green and yellow wine gums and gets to eat ALL the red and purple wine gums (Andriah’s least favourites, because they taste like dimetapp medicine). We listened to Jayson’s music, consisting of Sanctus Real, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Lecrae and Avenged Sevenfold (The latter mostly while Andriah was sleeping). We took 2 hour shifts driving each back and forth and made stops in randoms towns, went on short sightseeing trip to a small flea market and to get gas. Jayson’s car was very nice and Andriah drove it beautifully. We arrived in Prince George at 10pm and checked in to our hotel. After checking in, not a lot of restaurants were open at this late, except for Boston’s Pizza. We decided to have gluten free pasta with meat sauce and a side of salmon as well. We then returned to our hotel and retired for the day.

Day two: Jayson woke up at 9am to swim in the hotel pool. It was a small pool, but I found it quite nice. There were other kids in the pool as well. After about half and hour, Jayson went to shower and then wait for Andriah to wake up. We checked out of our hotel and had a delicious breakfast of apple and Boost, which Jayson mixed with his coffee to make a mocha Boost. We kept driving until we finally arrived in Prince Rupert! The moment we parked, we saw two deer and Jayson tried to scare them, but these deer were unimpressed by Jayson. We checked into our hotel, then proceeded to find food to devour. We settled on Panago and had gluten-wise pizza with chipotle cilantro sauce, shrimp, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese and grilled eggplant, zucchini, onions and mushrooms and ate it in our hotel room. Right after dinner, we decided to be active and exercise using the hotel stairs. We climbed 17 flights of stairs 5 times up and down. A gentleman that Andriah named “Michael” was wondering what we were doing and we told him we were going up and down the stairs for exercise. “Michael”was very understanding and let us continue. After we also went to the exercise facility and Andriah showed Jayson the 30 minute ab workout, Jayson was a good sport and tried his best, but Andriah being awesome totally owned this exercise routine. After our exhausting day of driving and exercising, we were quite tired and went to bed.

Day three: Jayson woke up a little earlier to use the exercise facility in the morning. After we walked from our hotel to Andriah’s parent’s house and had brunch together. We had potato wedges, salad, chinese vegetables and fried chicken. After brunch, Andriah’s parents and us went on a beautiful scenic trail that Andriah and Jayson jog/walked. The trail was lush and green, quite different from the trails in Vancouver that Jayson is used to. After the trail, we went back to meet up with Andriah’s high school friend. She showed us around and was very knowledgeable about all of Prince Rupert.  We walked to the waterfront and visited Cow Bay where there were little gift shops.  We took a lot of pictures and saw the Sunken Gardens by the courthouse which were beautiful.  Then we went to Target and saw another high school classmate of Andriah’s.  Later we met up with Andriah’s parents for dinner at a very fancy Japanese restaurant which had incredibly fresh Sashimi. We also took a photo with the chef which we will post later.  After dinner we went to clean up Andriah’s old stuff and Andriah showed Jayson her childhood photos and sticker collection.  Jayson thought it was very cute.  Andriah enjoyed showing Jayson all her childhood things.  Then we went back to our hotel and slept.

Day four: We had to wake up early to attend church where Andriah’s mother introduced us to her friends.  We liked the music as it was just after the kids youth camp and the youth demonstrated the actions.  After church we went out for brunch at Dolly’s fish market restaurant where we had Seafood chowder and apple pie.  We then went back to Cowbay and bought some gifts to bring back to Jayson’s co-workers.  We found lovely glass raindrop souvenirs which represented Prince Rupert which has a lot of rain.  Next, we drove to the viewpoint by the hospital and walked up and down the outdoor stairs and then we laid down together on the picnic table (that was Jayson’s favourite moment).  For dinner, we went to the Crest restaurant and had halibut cheek and bread pudding.  We went back to Andriah’s place and cleaned up a bit more of Andriah’s stuff in the basement then went to watch a movie Expendables III (where Andriah fell asleep on Jayson, because Jayson makes a good pillow). After the movie, Andriah and Jayson said goodbye to Andriah’s parents and went back to our hotel to sleep.

Day four: Before leaving Prince Rupert, Andriah and Jayson decided to have Andriah’s father’s famous crepes for breakfast at their house. The crepes were served with strawberries and strawberry sauce. We also had sausages as well and everything was delicious. Filled with food we were all ready to head back to Vancouver! Andriah and Jayson visited Smithers where Jayson found hot sauce for his collection and Andriah got a REALLY nice looking notebook for her collection as well. Andriah also bought Jayson a very cool vegetable peeler that makes noodles from the vegetables as well! We then drove back to Prince George to the same hotel and checked in. We decided to go to Mr. Mike’s steakhouse and had a REALLY BIG portion of steak salad and sticky toffee cake. Jayson taught Andriah how to play chess as well with a chessboard they had at Mr. Mike’s. We returned to our hotel to sleep.

Day five: Jayson woke up early again to swim in the pool, but this time it was quite populated, so he only had a quick swim and then showered and waited for Andriah to awake before having a breakfast of apple and Boost (breakfast of champions!) and Jayson again mixed his coffee with Boost. We kept driving and made a detour to Kamloops, where Jayson had university and showed Andriah his old favourite places, such as his old comic store, the train station, where Jayson looked at the graffiti done on the trains. We also had dinner at Jayson’s favourite restaurant in Kamloops, a japanese restaurant, which we had spinach goma-ae and sashimi. We took a photo with the head chef then headed on back to Vancouver! We arrived in Vancouver at 11:30pm safely!

This trip was a great learning experience for both of us and we got along VERY well during this whole trip. No huge arguments or disasters and was a very enjoyable trip! We learned that we highly compatible together and really enjoy each other’s company. We are highly grateful to EVERYONE we met on this trip and helped us out, especially Andriah’s friend and her parents who are VERY hospitable and kind to us. We both look forward to another EPIC trip in the future and we’ll share with you our experiences!

Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you guys posted!



Believe In Yourself

Let’s start with a quote that I (Jayson) remember from a sermon that my pastor gave a while a back: “If you believe in something, you will invest in it.” It got me thinking and wondering what I believe in and what we invest in. Personally I like to buy clothing that I feel will last forever and quite high quality so that it will withstand a snowstorm, even though I have not been in one. I’m not very devoted to brands, but there are a couple brands I really like. One brand is Under Armour, I have an affinity for Under Armor, I love how it’s snuggly super tight and is made to take a beating. I’ve been wearing the same one for 10K runs, a marathon and 2 mud runs. I also have a couple more, but I like keeping them cleaner. Under Armor also supports MMA, I mean I’ve gone into the Under Armor outlet thinking I’m not going to buy anything and BAM! Picture of GSP wearing Under Armor and I’ve spent money on more compression shirts. I believe in Under Armor because I like sports, science backed clothing and MMA.

This is not a commercial, but more what I mean when I say what it means to believe in something and invest in too. This also got me thinking a much bigger question: “Do I believe in myself?” If I believe in myself, then I should be investing in myself. When I say investing, I do not mean buying stuff for myself, but investing in myself. When you invest, it’s not always a sure thing, just like when you invest in a house, a car, even an expensive piece of clothing, you do not know if you’ll make money back on it or if what you invest in will last a long time. You just have to believe and trust that it will. I guess it’s just kind of how God invests in me and believes in me, WAAAY before I believed and invest into Him. Even when I was thrown around in crazy concerts and being a not so good kid, God must have had a pretty good insurance policy on me too, with all the crazy stuff I still do. 

I’m saying this because it’s my last week at my job and then I’m going back to school. I haven’t gone to school for full-time in 4 years. Going back to school is an investment and thank goodness for loving parents who support me. Andriah said she’s also fine with only having Top Ramen and McDonalds too (totally joking, we’re still going for food adventures for sure!). In leaving my job I got myself a gift. Ready for another advertisement? It’s a shirt from a brand called Flag Nor Fail. Andriah know I really like this brand. It’s founded by Rob Bailey and his wife Dana Linn Bailey and they BELIEVE in their brand, product and their process. Everything is hand printed and made with care. You can also tell that Rob takes pride in his work, loves his work and works HARD. Oh and Dana Linn Bailey is Miss Olympia Physique 2013. I got the shirt as a representation that if I’m going to invest and believe in myself, that I have to work REALLY CRAZY SUPER hard, but also love and enjoy the process and take pride in what I do. 

This post is to tell YOU to believe in YOURSELF and to invest in YOURSELF and chase your dreams and goals. It will take some sacrifice, uncomfortability, facing fears and challenges, (I’m scared to death going back to school) but I know that I’ll be smiling throughout this whole process because it will be MY JOURNEY and MY PROCESS. I invite you to begin YOUR JOURNEY and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Andriah Doing Her Best Rob Bailey Impression

I do not usually post photos, but Andriah looks REALLY good in my shirt (she looks good in anything). 

Keep you guys posted!

– BPaL

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Jayson and I made our rendition of pad thai this week from the Wholeness40 recipe found here.  We substituted the chicken with beef and added a bit more vegetables.  The Shirataki noodles had an interesting chewy texture which I personally like.  Overall, it was an excellent and healthy tasting dish and we would rate it 5/5 stars.  We love cooking together and strangely (fortunately) enough, everything we cook has turned out amazingly good.  The noodles can be bought at Superstore and are made mostly of water, so it pretty much 0 carb and 0 calories.

Bonus Pictures: 

  • Jayson’s nutritious apple-swan-dragon Andriah made for Jayson who visited Jayson at work [Jayson is sooo good at his work and talking to people at work 🙂 ]
  • Jayson’s majick golden plum from his garden tree



Jayson and I are both avid coffee drinkers.  Starbucks is our main go-to place.  While Jayson is slowly easing off of it and substituting it for green tea, (Much props to him! :)) I on the other hand thrive on black coffee/espresso.  My appreciation for it sky-rocketed when I saw this vid.  It is the first time a cocao harvest labourer consumes chocolate in his entire life.  The joy in their eyes and expression ignites the realization of how blessed and fortunate we are.  I invite you to see for yourself.  🙂


I was quite honoured to be introduced to Jayson’s former high school mates this week.  We went to Xxcape, which is this real life 5D strategy game set in a controlled setting.  All personal belongings are taken away from you and locked away before entering a private locked room where all our actions were recorded on video tape.  The darkened surroundings had a ‘haunted’ feel and looked surreal with office furniture cluttered with books and documents.  The next room imitated a murder scene.  The hostess introduced the rules of the game, the setting and background, and our main goal.  Our group had to solve a murder mystery by finding and following a set of clues, identify the murdurer and get ourselves out in the span of 45minutes.  She excited promptly, eerie music started playing, and boom, the countdown began.

Though at first I felt a bit intimidated by the feeling of unfamiliarity and being locked in a dimly-lit room with 5 other [unfamiliar] people I did my best to participate and contribute although I’m sure I wasn’t much help =P.  It was an excellent team building exercise and Jayson’s friends were very open, friendly, and very intelligent.  I was amazed at Jayson’s puzzle solving ability as he was able to identify the word used to unlock one of the boxes.  We used up two ‘hints’ and did not end up solving the puzzle in time; however, we were very, very close, just to the point of breaking out the final door.  Good job team!

We went to eat Korean food after, and I got to know some of Jayson’s friends.  It’s rare that I see him interact with his buddies and more frequent that I invite him into my groups of friends, so I was very glad that he invited me.  It turned out that I knew one of his friends from BSF so that was a nice coincidence.  I wouldn’t say that the food we ate was particularly un-healthy….it was alright, lots of protein, but it certainly did not meet the requirements of Wholeness40.  Like Jayson says, friends go before food, so this was an exception, along with the beautifully colourful cheesecake that we shared for dessert.

‘Rainbow after the Dark’- This was the glacier cheesecake we chose, and quite a scrumptious choice I would say.  It was one of the clubs signature dish, representing how there is hope and promise after a period of darkness or personal struggle.  I also love the meaning behind the entire restaurant, its decor, and its choice of foundation (polished concrete floor).

All in all, I believe we had an awesome and fun time which reflects the saying- the more the merrier.

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” – Helen Keller


“Screw Paleo”, my friend (the master chef) said as he put another freshly made potato chip from Smokehouse Sandwich Co. right before heading to our friend’s wedding. We were discussing diets, the vast varieties of them and the restricting natures of them. I’m not saying I’m against diets, but I do believe in listening to your body before listening to an idea, a practice or a process. If you do diets or make a lifestyle changes, not just in eating habits, but in anything in life, to do it wisely and not follow everything suggested religiously. Someone else’s success story is not YOUR success story, YOU are in charge, YOU make decisions, YOU are in control.

I’m (Jayson) saying this because I have dealt with dieting, fasting, cutting out certain food groups, weight gain, weight loss and everything that comes with it. I also want to share a tidbit about what I have learned in through my journey. Andriah knows I like numbers, though I totally did not do well at math, but I’ll tell my story in numbers.

200- pounds, my heaviest weight. You know how some people get the “freshman 15”? I think I got the freshman 30. Going to university, I was a little bigger than most, but not overweight, I exercised a bit in High School, but I was slightly unhealthy with an unhealthy love for Coca-cola. When I was in university, I moved away from home and given a debit card and barely any knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition, so let the feeding frenzy begin! All-you-can-eat anything and fast foods became my “diet” and it started to quickly detriment my health. I also hurt my knee, so I could not exercise either, a double whammy of unhealthy. I would wake up in the middle of the night coughing and wheezing due to the extra weight on my organs and whatnot, feeling sluggish and tired a lot. I’m also 5′ 9″, so being 200 is not healthy for my frame. I knew something had to change.

6- Pack, many guys’ fitness goal and when I was 19-20, it was definitely mine. Another friend made a youtube video saying that he would get a 6 pack in 6 weeks, of course he did not achieve the goal, but it did inspire me to start back on being healthy, or at least back my weight before I left for university (170 lbs.) and I started heading back to the gym and started exercising again. I also started to cook for myself too instead of going out to eat. The Food network is great to watch during cardiovascular exercise and it looked fun to make food, so I tried out some recipes and cooking became fun and not a chore. The combination of exercise and cooking for myself equaled me losing weight and would’t you know, a slight trace of a 6-pack! It took a lot longer than 6 weeks, but never having a 6-pack before, I was quite impressed with myself and others took notice to my weight loss.

150- pounds, my lightest and scariest weight. Here’s the thing that happened to me about weight loss and body image: it becomes an addiction. Not like healthy addiction, I’m talking health problem addiction.  When I realized that I could change and was in control of my body, it was I had found a new power and I decided to abuse that power. I started to slowly eat less, cutting out certain food groups and exercise more and more intensely. what made me healthy, was starting to make me unhealthy. I started to do day fasts as well, for those of you not knowing what a “fast”, it means not eating for a certain amount of time. This meant I would not eat, but still exercise and it got even worse as I’d not eat for a couple days. Looking back, I admit that this was anorexia. There have been times where I have passed out before but still kept going on with my unhealthy addiction. Being “the guy with the 6-pack” became my identity and I became obsessed with it.

2- years, the amount of time it took me to realized that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle. Guess you could say I’m a slow learner. I have had to struggle with body image for 2 years and I am still sometimes working through it. There was a point where I realized that my obsession began to affect my social life and that I could not always be living the way I was, starving myself and exercising for hours on end and not being able to go out with friends because they were not eating the healthiest of foods. Being healthy is one thing, but my life’s goal is not to be a model and even then, this was not the way to do it. Realizing this, I started to eat again, more consistently while making the right food choices.

170- pounds, my weight now. I guess things came full circle, but in a good way. Leaving university, I was 170-180 lbs. but in an unhealthy way, now I’m back at 170 lbs, but it’s a healthy 170. Weight is just a number, your relativity to gravity, but it is not who YOU are. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle are still a pound, but they are different. I have found that to balance health and life, that you cannot restrict yourself and become too obsessed. I gave up a couple of years, abstaining from certain foods that I love eating, thinking that ONE piece of sushi on white rice would make me gain back all the weight and that I would instantly lose my 6-pack (I may or may not still have one, only a certain person knows for sure), which it totally did not. Now I enjoy all foods in moderation, if I want dessert, I’ll have a slice of cheesecake, but not the whole cake, if I have sushi, I’ll choose the healthier kinds. This sounds like common sense, but it does not sound like it when you’re obsessed with your body image and have a fear of foods.

The last and very important number: 1- a very supportive lady by the name of Andriah, who has had to put up with all my nonsense. Andriah has seen my when I was at my heaviest and my lightest and was always my friend. She also showed that she cared about me when we would go out and she would make me amazing foods and we love cooking together too. She also had to kick my butt a couple of times to make me realize that what I was doing was unhealthy. I am very blessed to find Andriah.

There you have it, my health journey. A very long post, but I believe this is quite important to those on diets and trying to lose weight. My wish is for you to be healthy, to listen to YOUR body and to live your life the best way possible, which does mean being healthy so you can be the best YOU. It also means having dessert if you feel like it, but not overdoing it. As my mother likes to say “Everything in moderation.”

PS. I’m still kind of following Wholeness 40, but I went out with my high school friends with Andriah and I ate “no-no” foods, but like I said to Andriah: “What’s more important? Friends or a diet?”

Thanks for (hopefully) reading all of this and I’ll keep you guys posted!

– BPaL