On “The Greatest Showman”…

There were two choices for movies on the table: “Molly’s Game”, or “All the Money in the World”. If anybody’d ask what genre we liked, J’s would be comedy and action, A’s would be thriller/action/R rated, and therefore action would inevitably be the choice. Date night drew near by the hour and suddenly I watch this very clip on youtube that decided our final choice: Musical: “The Greatest Showman”.

One of the best movies of 2017, this exceeded beyond my expectations. This movie was breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and created a joy-filled spirit within me. It brought me to a world where miracles happen and dreams come true, while being grounded to reality. The fact that it was based on true events assured me that the hope it instilled was truly attainable. Often things are heavily based on drama and rumination, when problems can be solved when you simply believe, have faith, and stick to people who are loyal and true.

The story emphasized the importance of family, the reward of ambition, wishes coming true, the consuming nature of power and wealth; it brought awareness to the pain of prejudice against others unlike us, the consequences of being overcome by greed, temptation for success, getting over the fear of being one’s self, and finally the grace of forgiveness. As my heart leapt and was drawn into the big screen and sounds from my seat, my mind knew J and I were meant for more and this movie was our 2018 anthem.

As tomorrow’s deadline approaches for our company’s marketing brochure campaign, a new spark has been lit within me, driving me to look forward in this glorious direction. I invite you to watch “The Showman” if you have not already and share your thoughts!


How to lose a Cat

During the Christmas holiday we were so privileged to be able to host two very well behaved cats. The week went by fast as Scotti and Rory immediately adjusted to their new surroundings and made themselves at home. Pretty soon it was New Year’s and we went out for about 1.5 hours. Before leaving, I checked that the cats were okay and we left the light on for them. Scotti was on the couch and Rory was on the armrest- both seemed content.

Fast forward to slightly after we had just celebrated the start of 2018. We got home and Rory was…..gone. Don’t panic- I told myself. He has to be here somewhere. We checked his usual hide-out places. No Rory. We walked around wrinkling treat bags and even downloaded a cat-finding app. We had had him for a week and we did all the things that usually draw him out. Gentle coaxing, fun bouncing balls, playing with Scotti so he would want to join……No Rory.

Now, we had arranged our living accommodation for the cats to be restricted to the kitchen and living room, the stairs, under the stairs, and hall way that goes about in a circle. Out of bounds areas were tightly closed with a door. Simply put, there was way enough space for the cats to explore and feel safe but they could be found within minutes. After an hour, we had checked every nook and cranny, cupboard, pot, pan, window sill, and crevice that might even be impossible for a cat as big as Rory to enter. We even assumed for some odd reason Rory had the dexterity and intelligence to open all the doors, so we checked through every single room in the house. This involved Andrea creeping into her sleeping Grandma’s room and quarters upstairs. (Please don’t ask her to break into a house- she would be too good at it). No Rory.

Rory is not particularly quiet. He is full-sized, active, meow’s, and purrs often. He knocks things over (nothing of importance, mind you), and jumps to precarious ledges. He has a fun, cuddly, loving spirit to him- he has presence. It got to the point were I knew if he was there, I would 100% wager that he would have come out by now. He is just that curious. We had checked everything 4 or 5 times at least. Andrea is the type of person that can find that “bonus” coin hidden in Escape rooms that 99% of people cannot find. Rory- a cat tons larger than a coin, could not be found. The only other alternative was that he had escaped.

Approximately 3am, desperation kicked in and we called Rory’s owner, hoping she was somehow awake partying with New Year’s Celebration so this problem could be solved by a simple GPS tracking system both cats were on. Rory was also microchipped. Unfortunately, she was probably sleeping and there was no answer. Andrea also woke her dad up at 3am, asking if anyone had somehow opened any of the doors the short time we were away. Possibly, my grandma might have, for an unbeknownst reason. Sleepily, my dad told me Rory was probably under the stair case, and frustratingly, I brushed him off, telling him we had already checked multiple times, every crevice with a flashlight. I asked him to pray and apologized for the disturbance.

By this time, we had even checked outside, the outskirts of the house/port, and around the neighbourhood…all the places a cat might hide in Sub Zero weather. There might be a possibility that Rory had attempted to return to his owner, three towns away. He was just not there, or anywhere. It had been 2 hours. Andrea even tried her own version of “cat-sign-language” to ask Scotti where his brother was. At most, it was entertaining. Scotti stared back, relaxed and silent.

It was around that time that I finally gave in to God. I had slept in and missed church that day so felt a bit guilty. I confessed and repented how, if Rory did indeed escape to his owner, I might not have been a good enough caretaker. All in all, I gave it up to God and started to close the front door to walk the neighbourhood a 3rd and most likely futile time. There was absolutely no fear in walking alone in the silent, pitch-dark, foggy, sub-zero weather.

As the door shut behind me and I had surrendered my fear and anxiety to Him. Jason called out that he had found Rory. He was under the stairs. (The place we had canvased and cleared several times with a flashlight). How could that be? I thought. Looking into all our actions, it would literally have to be impossible for Rory to have been there. It was impossible for him to have been at our place, and then, there he was. I then realized, my dad was correct, Rory was indeed under the stairs we had checked a million times. Praise the Lord.

Sometimes, it is just simply easier to accept God’s grace and actions for us rather than justifying or rationalizing it through worldly physics and analysis. Sometimes, we just have to accept that when all else fails, there is God. In hindsight, sure, we could hypothesize that Rory might have been scared if there were loud firework noises and had gone into hiding; certainly there was the probability of human error, but the truth was, we had combed EVERY corner of under the stairs with a flashlight, many times over, and there was just no possible way he was there.  Until I had surrendered my anxiety and fears to Him and simply gave up trying to use my own human abilities.

All in all, this was a very humbling and fruitful lesson to me, as well as being able to open up my heart to these two beautiful cats for my friend this week. Thank you to their owner S for entrusting her cats to me. They gave us happiness and joy this week to host them. I write this not because this was inconvenient for me, but for the amazing revelation of how God comes through when things seem impossible. This is entirely not sarcastic, but I will for sure remember this start to this new year-2018. Happy New Year everyone!




We are growing a garden in the backyard. My recently widowed grandma is ill but loves to cook. She cannot walk far or get groceries so we’ve decided to bring the groceries to her. I’ve checked the vegetable almanac for our region and planted what I can for this late summer season- Carrots, Pak Choy, Spinach, Arugula, Lettuce, Green Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Kale, and Broccoli. Potatoes and herbs will be next once I see results. What was once a field of weeds is slowly turning into something beautiful. But so far, I cannot see anything, and I can only have faith that the seeds are beginning to sprout. It has been 4 complete days, and I see nothing- zero, nada, zilch. This process has been a lesson on patience and faith on my part. During this waiting period, I am reminded by my husband that I need to trust. He used the following analogy.

Back before we were dating, which was 11 or so years ago, I put Jason in the friend-zone. He liked me, but I felt that he was not mature enough to be in a relationship. I liked him, but again, I did not see a future with him, so I went ignoring-mode and refused to talk to him. In the quietness and stillness, despite not seeing any results of returned affection, Jason was persistent. Every birthday he gave me a gift. Every Christmas and Valentine’s day, he gave me a gift. Naively, I thought he gave everyone a gift, so I accepted it. Fast forward to years down the road, obviously we ended up together. I think it goes to show that sometimes faith comes to fruitation in the end, no matter if we see progress of results or not.

So in this powerful lesson Jason gave me, I humbly wait for my vegetables to grow, and relinquish my power to control. I think organic gardening is counter-intuitive to society where everything is immediate and results-based. I don’t see results, but day after day I will continue to water the earth in hopes that the sprouts would peak out.

PS. The package actually says sprouts will appear in 7-14 days, so I still have a while to wait.

Tecate, Mexico Trip 2016

Tecate, Mexico July 3rd- July 10th, 2016

Packing List: Everything fit into one regular sized backpack.

  1. Baby Wipes/Sanitizer  13. Sunglasses                   25. Medications
  2. Earplugs                          14. Filter Bottle                 26. Buff Bandanna
  3. Caffeine Shots               15. Razors                            27. Journal
  4. Sun Screen                      16. Shampoo                      28. Pen/Sharpie/Pencil
  5. Insect Repellent            17. Conditioner                 29. Kleenex
  6. After Bite                         18. Body wash                    30. Ziplock Bag/Garbage Bag
  7. Mini Hairbrush              19. Headphones                 31. Portable Towel
  8. Gravel                               20. External Charger       32. Contacts/Solution
  9. Immodium                    21. Flashlight                      33. Flipflops
  10. Advil                                  22. First Aid Kit                 34. Passport
  11. Tylenol                              23. Origami Paper             35. Portable Bag
  12. Midol                                 24. Spork                              36. Electrolytes
  13.                                                                                              37. Clothes (See Below)

Most useless thing brought:  My Bible

Most USEFUL thing brought: My Chawel  (Portable Towel which doubles as a sleeping bag, towel, beach mat, you name it)

Day 1: Travelling to Tecate

J dropped me off at the airport Sunday afternoon. The flight departed at 12:15 and arrived at San Diego


A Relaxing Sunday

I really appreciated this weekend with J as we were able to spend more quality time together than usual. HG was cancelled on Friday, and we took that opportunity to visit the Arcade to play the punching bag game and take sticker pictures. Later that night, we had shredded pork congee with preserved egg, which was fabulous, as they finally had Chinese donut!

Saturday we worked out at the gym, then went to the Chinese mall in attempt to find a good deal to fix my iPhone 6s screen. Unfortunately most repair shops were either closed, or did not have the correct parts. They suggested paying full price at Apple, so we walked to the Apple Store to see if they could get it done. We found out that they could, but it would take 1.5hours and would have to be done at a later date as the mall would be closing soon. I wasn’t too happy about that; however, J bought me a dog Beanie Boo for my collection, and I was in a better mood. I named the dog after my Japanese judo instructor because it had ancient white whiskers: Sensei Taki. I picked up green onion pancake for a snack at the Chinese mall before heading to J’s place to hang out. We boiled chive and shrimp dumplings and ate it while watching a Swordsmith competition. It was a really relaxing eventing.

Sunday we both went to church and then went rock-climbing.  We passed our rock climbing test with flying colours and can now climb and belay each other unassisted! Rock climbing is a good analogy to partnership- where J and I can trust each other with our lives, and if one falls, the other person can catch them. We completed several rope courses before bordering. I discovered I really like the free climb of bouldering, and felt confident in my finger grip strength. It really is great strength training. Next we went to the Surrey night market to walk around, then we went for dinner at a Pho place. We had Pho in soup and I had a salad roll. The evening ended with watching Central Intelligence at the theatre. Such a good message and so funny! Overall it was a great end to an awesome weekend, and it gave me a glimpse of what life would be like living with a forever partner. It’s as if the more we are together, the more I love him. This morning when J came over, he gave me the “Peace” essence bead for my Pandora bracelet. It is a reminder to have Peace during my Mexico trip. This is the 10th bead after 2 years, which means we have been officially together for one month short of 3 years, and unofficially for 10! years.

Good Friday

I don’t know if it’s because my spirit has been hungering for God so much lately or because they’re just THAT good, but this song truly touched me.  It’s definitely refreshing when they promote Christian bands on secular tv shows.  This long week-end I chose to cancel all my clients and just focus on reflecting who God really is and how much He gave.  Circumstances may crush me and break me, but God’s love never fails.  🙂