A Relaxing Sunday

I really appreciated this weekend with J as we were able to spend more quality time together than usual. HG was cancelled on Friday, and we took that opportunity to visit the Arcade to play the punching bag game and take sticker pictures. Later that night, we had shredded pork congee with preserved egg, which was fabulous, as they finally had Chinese donut!

Saturday we worked out at the gym, then went to the Chinese mall in attempt to find a good deal to fix my iPhone 6s screen. Unfortunately most repair shops were either closed, or did not have the correct parts. They suggested paying full price at Apple, so we walked to the Apple Store to see if they could get it done. We found out that they could, but it would take 1.5hours and would have to be done at a later date as the mall would be closing soon. I wasn’t too happy about that; however, J bought me a dog Beanie Boo for my collection, and I was in a better mood. I named the dog after my Japanese judo instructor because it had ancient white whiskers: Sensei Taki. I picked up green onion pancake for a snack at the Chinese mall before heading to J’s place to hang out. We boiled chive and shrimp dumplings and ate it while watching a Swordsmith competition. It was a really relaxing eventing.

Sunday we both went to church and then went rock-climbing.  We passed our rock climbing test with flying colours and can now climb and belay each other unassisted! Rock climbing is a good analogy to partnership- where J and I can trust each other with our lives, and if one falls, the other person can catch them. We completed several rope courses before bordering. I discovered I really like the free climb of bouldering, and felt confident in my finger grip strength. It really is great strength training. Next we went to the Surrey night market to walk around, then we went for dinner at a Pho place. We had Pho in soup and I had a salad roll. The evening ended with watching Central Intelligence at the theatre. Such a good message and so funny! Overall it was a great end to an awesome weekend, and it gave me a glimpse of what life would be like living with a forever partner. It’s as if the more we are together, the more I love him. This morning when J came over, he gave me the “Peace” essence bead for my Pandora bracelet. It is a reminder to have Peace during my Mexico trip. This is the 10th bead after 2 years, which means we have been officially together for one month short of 3 years, and unofficially for 10! years.


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